Motic Images Advanced 3.2 is the latest version of Motic imaging series software. It can handle various international languages. Not only does it provide basic functions such as capture and measurement, it also enables you to segment, filter and auto count desired objects. The calculated results can be exported in the form of .xls format or .txt format for further analysis. With the unique .sfc file format, you can edit images received or add music or even your own voice into the images. With the DIS module, you can share real time images with anybody abroad, while the MoticTek module enables you to capture 1280x1024 resolution images transferred from microscopes at ultra high speed to computers. The powerful function of Motic Report also allows you to generate reports with multi-images. Calibration can be conducted using easy dot calibration method or the conventional scale method at very high accuracy. 3D images can be viewed "REAL TIME" or post captured. A flash program is available for better understanding of this software.


Price: $449



Recently updated with Vista compatibility, new features include scale bars (X & Y axis, adjustable in length, thickness, color, font and position), grid overlay, preview image fit-to-screen, and many other upgrades.


Motic Images Plus 2.0 is for users who desire the finest in performance and functionality. Building on the firm foundation of our earlier software packages, Motic Images Plus 2.0 provides unmatched reporting and evaluation capabilities, featured below.


a) Automatic object or cell counting
b) Simply select an area in a captured image, and dimension and size information for the cells is counted with just one click.
c) Data can be exported to spreadsheet or database programs for further analysis.


a) Drag-and-drop functionality
b) Generate reports quickly and easily
c) Use captured or manipulated images
d) No need for additional software
e) Print reports for further discussion


Add or modify measurements and sound on an image even after it is saved.
Great for group projects where more than one narrator can be used.
Exclusive SFC file format enables this feature.
Software plays MP3 files so you can listen while you work.


Price  $83

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